Saturday, November 8, 2008 by Rebecca

A little weightlifting, a little climbing, a lot of DOMS.

Today we did the crossfit class in the morning and met friends to go climbing in the afternoon. Since CF was 'just' clean and jerk, we thought that doing both would be fine - and it mostly was - but tomorrow is going to be painful.

Warmup: ME, bar drills, Burgner warmup with dowels.

Clean and Jerk 30-5-5-3-3-3

(I'm counting the weight of the collars - which i took off for the last set)

I also managed to clean 60# once.

IW finally got a 15# bar and 15# bumper plates which is very exciting since now I should be able to practice any lift.

The clean, more than any other lift I've tried so far - though I suspect snatches will be similar - really succeeds or fails based almost entirely on my psychology of the moment. If I think too much about the movement before executing it, it's NOT going to happen. I also have trouble with full cleans - while power cleans are much more doable. I think it's just because full cleans are really two movements, and I have a hard time stringing them together, or if it's one movement, i just haven't figured out how to get my knees out of the way.

I was bummed I had to move down in weight after my first set of three - i just couldn't get it. Dunno if it was psychology or just tired muscles.

Once the workout was done I decided to try cleaning 60# - just to see if I could - and I got it ... once. :-) I also wanted to try SDHP with 60# to be able to mark off the level 1 goal, but I was too fried and couldn't get it much higher than my lowest ribs.

after lunch and grocery shopping, we went to GWPC to meet our friends and get some climbing in. My hamstrings and hips were already starting to get sore, so I wasn't really expecting to accomplish much. But I surprised myself.

5.9(f) 5.9(c)? 5.9(c) 5.10a(c) 5.10a(f++) 5.7(c) 5.7(f)

That was a lot of climbing! ... or ... at least I am almost positive i did three 5.9's: the first with Daniel and the second 2 with my friend ... but i can only clearly remember 2 of them ... either way, that's still a lot of climbing.

Anyway, I know that my first climb was a yellow 5.9 all the way over by the stairs, and I took a rest about 2/3 of the way up the wall.

I'm pretty sure the 2nd 5.9 I did is the one my friend warmed up on, but ... I don't remember anything about it. ... I believe it was in the middle section of the east wall. .. i think there was some interesting balancy stuff - but cearly not so interesting that I remember exactly what it was ...

The last 5.9 i did was a green one on the east wall that had a lot of handle holds and moved all over the place that was really fun and pretty friendly.

The first 10a I did had a fairly tricky start that required enough flexibility to get your legs on two holds that were pretty far apart, but after that, it was pretty straightforward and fun.

The second 10a was not so much fun. It had a long section of negative incline, and I fell a lot. This was the only climb where i felt like i resorted to sloppy climbing to get up it - hence the frequent falls. It was probably a bad idea to leave this one for so late in the day because i didn't have the strength left to hang out long enough to figure out what my best route should be. And the handholds were kind of mean and tiny, too, which was another reason i didn't pause much to try to figure out the best beta. I'd probably do better on this with fresher legs and arms.

The 2 5.7's I did were just for fun @ the end of the day because i wasn't really ready to stop climbing yet, but there was a pair of girls on the rope that I needed to do the 10a I wanted to do and they just would not get off it. :-p The last one was atually a really interesting climb that travelled a pretty long way along one wall, and up accross some interesting features. There was one move that was getting up over an overhang and I just didn't have the strength to pull it off the first time and fell - but the rest was easy and fun.


Maximus Lewin said...

Actually what you are having trouble with are Power Cleans as opposed to Hang Power Cleans.

Clean = Squat Clean

Jenn said...

I have to be really mentally engaged when I do cleans as well. Congrats on the 60# clean. You'll get the high pull soon!

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