Saturday, November 8, 2008 by Daniel

A full day

Another double-workout day. This one kicked my butt pretty thoroughly.

Morning CF Class:

Clean & Jerk: 30-5-5-3-3-3


My form is still pretty bad at this, particularly as the weight goes up. I'm not at all good about getting under the bar, and I'm basically power-cleaning and then jerking with a tiny quarter-squat. I wonder if it would be helpful to go with a fairly low weight, like 95, and practice a clean followed by a front squat, many times, and maybe eventually be able to string the movements together. I'd like to try that.

Afternoon climbing at GWPC:

10a(o), 10c/d(f), 10d(f+), 10b(f), 10b(o)

Well, I promised myself I would get back to trying 10d's. 10d's are hard. So much harder than 10c's, somehow. Anyway, this was not a particularly good climbing session due to muscles already being pretty tired from the morning, but I'm still pretty happy with it. The c/d was a long slight negative followed by a roof followed by a fairly severe negative. One fall due to muscular exhaustion trying to get over the roof. Then the 10d, which started with a small overhang and then was just a long vertical on crimpy holds. Made it up, but had to take a couple long rests. The 10b was a great, complex book stem route that I'd say was more like a 10c - it had some really wacky gumby moves on it. The last 10b was what I am now dubbing a "cool guy" climb - one of those climbs that's really easy but complicated enough that it prompts some snazzy moves. It did have one mean little trick, though - a run of easy jugs leading up to a sloper that, from below, LOOKED like a jug. Nearly took a fall there.

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