Sunday, November 9, 2008 by Daniel

Benchmark Testing

Woke up this morning with an impressive case of DOMS (Rebecca's worse off than I am, though), but couldn't resist the opportunity to test a few benchmarks with the CFEB crew:

1: One Mile Run

2: Max Rep Pull-Ups
-Advanced: C2B Pull-Ups
-Intermediate: Pull-Ups
-Beginner: Jumping Pull-Ups

3: 400 Meter Run

4: Max Rep Push-Ups

5: Max Rep Kettlebell Swing
-Advanced: 2P/1.5P
-Intermediate: 1.5P/ 1P
-Beginner: 1P/.75P

Mile run: 5:57 (PR!)

Level III! I have Alex to thank for this PR. He was right behind me the first half, then pulled ahead of me and I spent the last 800 meters chasing him. He was probably a good 20m ahead of me heading into the last stretch, and I tried like hell to catch him, but he was pushing it too and I only managed to shave off about 10 feet. He was 3 seconds faster than I was.

...and it killed me. Bye bye, glycogen (I was fasted) - everything else I tried afterward pretty much ran the gamut from silly to ridiculous.

Max-rep pullups: 10 kipping, 8 chest-to-bar deadhang

Further proof that my kips are currently eluding me. Someday, hopefully, they will return to me.

400 meters: something awful

Max had a timer malfunction, thankfully, but my time on this would have been awful. 10 paces in, it felt like the last quarter of the mile. While I normally would have been up in the top 5, I finished somewhere around 10th, I think. I had nothing. It was just stupid.

Pushups: 30

This is probably actually fairly accurate. I might have done better on concrete, as my hands get sweaty and start slipping on the the varnished wood floor, but I don't think I could do significantly more than this. I was careful to hit the floor with my chest each time.

Kettlebell Swings @ 1.5 pood: 30

By this time, my stamina and enthusiasm were worn pretty thin. I did not push this all the way to failure, but rather until it got annoyingly difficult and I started grunting. With a better mental approach, I think I could probably get another 10 in before dying.

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Melissa Byers said...

A sub-six mile. Holy hell. I could not go that fast if I was being run down by a school bus full of rabid wolverines. That is MAD impressive. (Nice work with all the stuff you did after that too!)

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