Saturday, November 29, 2008 by Daniel

Cleans and Thrusters, and a new daily challenge

Relatively low-key day today at CFEB, which suited me fine - give me a little more opportunity to recover, as I'm feeling a bit beat-up from the past few days.

5x5: Hang power clean and Thruster


My intention was to work up to 95 and then do the same weight for the next three rounds, but I got shamed into upping the weight by the folks around me (always good motivators), and was pleased to actually be able to do 100 and 105# thrusters, even if I failed on the last set. Thrusters have always been very difficult for me, but I think I'm getting the technique (if not the strength).

Twenty Deadhangs or Bust

I've also resolved to start the pullup program I posted a few months ago. My pullups continue to suck, and I can't seem to find the motivation to GTG the way I used to. I'm hoping this will provide the necessary structure to stick with it. My pull-up bar is mounted in our kitchen doorframe, so while I certainly can't kip on it, I can work on deadhangs while cooking dinner or doing the dishes or something - it only needs a few minutes each day. You're supposed to stay at each step for two weeks before proceeding. To mix it up a little, I'm thinking of doing chin-ups in the first week, and pull-ups in the second.

I skipped ahead to step 12 to start: 7-5-4-4-4


Jenn said...

I saw that on the boards as well, and thought it was interesting. Right now equipment availability is the biggest problem in GTG pullups. Does your doorframe pullup bar fit your needs, as long as you don't try to kip? I want to get a bar for Christmas, but can't settle on a type.

Daniel said...

We got the GoFit pullup bar from Amazon a couple years ago, and it works just fine. You can't kip on it, which is a bummer, but our place is so small it'd be impossible to have that kind of bar ANYWHERE.

matt said...

Hey Daniel - I'd love your permission to re=produce your pull-up program on my site: I think it could help a lot of folks.

Daniel said...

Sure, Matt - it's not MY program, anyway - I just found it on the Crossfit boards.

Nice site, by the way. Interesting idea.

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