Friday, October 17, 2008 by Daniel

Rowing and climbing...and climbing again

This morning at IW:

Sprint-8 on rower: 3200m
15 minutes jump rope practice
3x10 weighted (25#) incline situps
Climbing: 10a(o), 10b(o), 10c(o), 10b/c(f++)

The rower was tough today, for some reason - had a hard time keeping the sprints below 1:40 pace. That said, I went the furthest distance I've ever done, so I probably had the damper a little bit higher.

For my easy cardio post-HIIT, I realized last night that jump-rope practice is a good option - better than running, anyway. It's not super-tough because I can't do double-unders yet, but it does keep the heart rate up a little. I'll do more of this, and maybe someday get a DU.

Climbed mostly on the back wall, slab or vertical, and they were all quite easy. The b/c, however, was a nasty little bitch of a difficult climb on the center column, all overhang and deep slingshot moves. My falls were all just muscle exhaustion.

So what better way to spend the evening, than to....go climbing again? This time at Mission Cliffs.

Climbing: 10b(o), 10c(o), 10a/b(o), 10c(f)

The b was long and vertical and too easy for a b. The c was AWESOME - a long chimney/crack climb that Jim set, with holds INSIDE the chimney, and a good chunk of some brutal lieback. My right arm was wiped after that, so I went to the slab/double-overhang wall, where the b I wanted was taken, so I did the comp route a/b instead. Fun climb. The last c was a LONG-ASS climb on the main lead wall, negative for ~40 feet and then vertical for the last 15. I sprinted up the negative as quickly as I could, since a fall would entail some wild tarzaning, and rested once I got to the lip where the line would be plumb. Sadly, I found there was an excellent rest two moves later, so I could have done it clean with a little more perseverence, but it was the end of a long day of climbing so I don't feel too bad about taking the break off the wall.

And now, bedtime. I'm quite wiped.

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