Monday, October 13, 2008 by Daniel

More climbing, more rowing

It's getting difficult to come up with post titles for Monday and Friday mornings, since they're always the same thing...

* 16 hour fast*

Climbing: 5.9, 10c(o), 10c(dnf)->10a, 10c(f+)
Campus pull-ups: 4 sets of 2 (leg-assisted)
Sprint-8 on rower: 3,115m

Tor brought his little rugrats with him today because of the holiday, so we were limited in our climbing to the section of wall that allowed us to keep an eye on them while they filled their brains with Elmo and his gang. Not a particularly good climbing day - that first 10c went well, a nice vertical climb with a bit of stemming at the end. The second c started bad and went nowhere - the start is a crazy two-block gaston thing that we just couldn't figure out WHAT was supposed to happen, and even after skipping it I couldn't get past the roof, so I just switched to a 10a that was on the same rope. The last c started well, but got iffy up at its little mini-roof.

I've resolved to spend some time with the campus board each week. My grip strength is not good, and frequently is what spits me off the wall. I currently can't even hang off the board, but after messing about a bit today, I figured out how to step up on the ledge underneath it with one foot, thereby modulating how much weight I have on my fingers. It's still REALLY hard, but in this manner I'm currently able to knock out two pull-ups before my fingers fail. I figure a few minutes, twice a week, and maybe eventually I'll actually be able to hang from the damn thing.

Sprint-8 was tougher today. Tried to keep the speed under 2:20 while resting, and under 1:40 while sprinting. Got it as low as 1:35 a few times, but that seems to be my current bottom limit.

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