Monday, October 13, 2008 by Daniel

Bonus workout: Linda

Well I THOUGHT I was done for the day. But then Rebecca saw that Evelyn was hosting a peer-workout of Linda tonight, and she asked if we could go. I've never done Linda before because of its crazy commitment of bars, and this seemed like the best opportunity that I was likely to get, so what the hell? We went.

BW Bench Press
¾ BW Clean
1 ½ BW Deadlift
Set up three bars and storm through for time.

1:04 at 72% RX

Never having done this before, but having heard many stories of how evil it is, I went conservative with the weight - hey, it's technically still recovery week, right? So it was 190# Deadlift, 95# Clean, and 125# Bench (we got the order wrong - oops). I think these were probably the right weights to use if I were doing it the right way, but with all the long rests in changing the bars around and spotting the others, it actually felt a little too light. I suspect I'll still feel it tomorrow. The deadlifts and cleans were easy enough to do in unbroken sets, but I was often one or two shy of a full set with the bench.

I felt like a real asshole monopolizing the bars for a whole hour, but at least there were three of us using three bars - I could not have justified taking all three bars for myself. It is a very difficult workout to accomplish logistically.

I felt better and better about the cleans as the workout went on. I'm still not dropping NEARLY enough to get under the bar - my knees are hardly bending at all. I have the same problem with Push Jerks, and haven't even gotten the courage together to really try Snatches yet. Oly lifts intimidate me.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

I'd advise playing with the pvc bars for the form on all the oly lifts. A lot of this is wiring your body to "get" the movements. It's kind of like learning to ride a bike, drive a stickshift, rollerskate... Initally you're body is like, "WTF???" Oly lifts scare everyone at first...but they're addictive! I was watching you clean and deadlift and your form is not bad. I think diving under the bar is the hardest part and the skill that takes the longest to develop. That explosive hip movement, right before diving under is key...though I can't seem to get my body to do it. I know it when I see it though. Also, it's hard to go to full extension and reverse super fast, which is necessary. The body isn't used to going full speed and abruptly changing direction.

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