Wednesday, September 17, 2008 by Daniel

Intermittent Fasting: Week 2

Week 2 sees far less dramatic effects than week 1 (to be expected), but still good news:

What went in (avg. daily):
Calories: 2,289
Fat: 127g (49%)
Carbs: 89g + 21g fiber (18%)
Protein: 167g (30%)

Weight: 181 (-2 lbs, 7lbs total)
Waist: 33 (-0.25", 1" total)
Bodyfat: 13% (-0.5%, 2% total)
Percentage to goal: 50%

Before last week, a quarter-inch off the waist was the most I'd lost in a week, so that was what I projected out. If I can maintain that pace, then I should be at goal in four more weeks.

This week saw more variation than the strict regimen of the first week. My fasts went from 16-20 hours, and I had my first cheat meal (dinner at a fancy restaurant - though I did skip dessert). On average, however, the numbers are very similar to last week.

I continue to feel good on this regimen - even better, in fact. I got a +37 point PR on Fight Gone Bad this weekend while fasted, and in general am feeling lean again (it's amazing how much difference an inch or two on the waist makes). My muscle recovery also feels faster - I generally only feel sore one day after a workout, and didn't feel much soreness at all from FGB.


Evelyn Rodas said...

Will you continue IF after you get to your goal? Is eating during a defined window of time difficult to maintain? Does it interfere w/ social events? I know when you eat differently, people will invariably comment. If they're cool, they'll be supportive. Sometimes they give you the polite smile that says, "That's kind of weird."

Daniel said...

Yes. My current plan is that when I attain my fat-loss goal, I will continue to IF and gain weight. I'm still sketching out the details, but right now I'm thinking that will entail adding ~40g/day protein, no more carbs (if I can), and the remainder fat to get me up to about 3000 cal/day. I haven't tried them yet, but this guy's recipe for no-carb homemade protein bars looks promising and free of nasty chemicals:
I'm going to try Almond Butter, Pure Whey and Cream, rolled in almond meal, maybe some chocolate...hopefully they won't be too nasty.

As for social events - not really. Most of my fasting is done in the mornings, after all, and there's not much social life there. So I'm flying mostly under the radar, here - none of my family or friends know I'm doing this except the other exercise nerds like me who find it interesting. Missing a fast is no big deal - the idea is to mix it up, after all. I try to avoid getting too dogmatic about it.

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