Monday, September 15, 2008 by Daniel

Monday, Monday

Took yesterday as a rest day (except the burpees), primarily because family and friend and work obligations prevented us from doing anything exciting.

* 16 hour fast *

This morning:
Climbing: 10a/b, 10d(dnf), 10c(o), 10d(f++)
64 Burpees, sets of 10
~45 minutes easy cycling on machine & bike

My finger felt good enough this morning for some of Ironworks' infamous overhang. The a/b has lots of big jugs but follows an overhanging arete for ~10 feet, so it's pretty pumpy. The first 10d I tried was HARD, and Tor agreed it felt more like an 11. I wasn't able to get more than ten feet up it, sadly. The c was a fun bit of inverted stemming over the cave mouth in the back - good climb. The final d was negative incline all the way up with an overhang, and I fell off it a TON. It's frustrating how I seem to be able to send just about every c I try, but d's are still giving me a lot of difficulty. I think maybe it's time to try my hand at an 11a, just to see what it's like.

I tried to do the burpees 10 every minute on the minute, but wasn't able to keep up after just three minutes. All 64 wound up taking me 8 minutes (2 minute-long rests).

The cardio was boring again, but I did it on one of the recumbent bike machines, which at least allowed me to read, and I was easily able to check that my heartrate was ~60-65% throughout.

We were supposed to do a 5x5 routine tonight, but it's looking like we might go visit my mom in the hospital instead.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

Is your mom okay? I know what you mean about boring cardio and machines. I remember the days of treadmills and Oprah all too well. Bleh!

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