Tuesday, September 9, 2008 by Daniel

Intermittent Fasting: Week 1

Alright, the first week of my grand experiment with IF is done. So how did it go?

What went in (avg. daily):
Calories: 2,340
Fat: 131g (50%)
Carbs: 100g + 28g fiber (20%)
Protein: 175g (30%)

Weight: 183 (-5 lbs)
Waist: 33.25 (-0.75")
Bodyfat: 13.5% (-1.5%)
Percentage to goal: 38%

I met my goals! It actually wasn't all that bad. I miss toast w/almond butter, but to be honest I was getting pretty sick of Builder's Bars. I eat a lot of eggs, in various forms. Don't get to drink as much milk as I'd like (just a pint a day), and on a few days I had to finish off the day with a protein shake at dinner in order to make my protein quota for the day.

In terms of diet, it isn't terribly different from what it was before. Most of the recipes I've developed over the past few months still work. And as for the IF, the hunger is quite manageable - it only really gets noticeable in the last hour or two. The hardest part is really the coffee - black coffee just isn't as good in the morning (I'm getting used to it). In fact, I would generally consider the non-fasting days to be more troublesome, as the gaps between meals are longer and attended by hunger so I need to be careful not to snack myself above 2500 calories.

As for energy, I wouldn't say it's "through the roof" but it's sufficient for morning workouts. I never suffered lightheadedness during a workout, although I did feel a little nauseated rowing on Monday morning (Monday was rough).

Midway through the week, I noticed my weight had plummeted almost 9 pounds. I'm guessing this was water weight loss brought on by the shock of the lower carbs + IF. For the next few days, I was endlessly thirsty and drank copious amounts of water, and the weight went back up to a more reasonable level. I'm still more thirsty than usual, I'd say, so it's probably still correcting itself. Still, 5 pounds in one week is pretty cool - I'm even more happy about the waist measurement, though. I doubt this pace will continue after the first week or two, but so far, it's working gangbusters.

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