Monday, August 11, 2008 by Rebecca

Squat practice

Or ... something like squat practice. It wasn't a real workout; I have no idea how many reps I did of anything - though i was plenty hot and sweaty when i was done.

My main focus today was just to work on strengthening my right leg, and getting it to stop collapsing in every time I squat(or even bend my knees) - particularly if I'm bearing any weight.

I found a stool and a sturdy support and basically practiced 1 legged squats on my right leg. And I sort of use the term 'squat' loosely. My right leg is so weak that just supporting my full weight, or even just most of my weight, in any bent position is HARD, so what i did was lower into some range of the squat position - sometimes higher sometimes lower - and then just take as much weight as i could off my left leg, and holding onto my support just try to hold it for as long as possible. It was ridiculously hard work.

I was pretty happy that my support and bench were in an out of the way space under the stairs.

Next time I'll work on more movement up and down, more - but I feel like that area just needs to get stronger before working on the movement will help since at my current strength single leg up and down movement on the right just isn't even possible - even holding onto something

There was also an 8kg KB there, so when i was recovering from my squat attempts I'd occasionally throw in a set of 5 push-presses on my right side with the KB, and then there was the occasional set of burpees to finish them for the day.

My right hamstring has been sore for weeks. Every time i stand up from my desk at work I have to wait a few seconds for my muscles to stop shouting in protest. Tomorrow should be a blast. Glad it's a rest day. :-P


Maximus Lewin said...

What you are doing should pay huge dividends. Who cares what people think watching you? The amount of effort you are putting into your fitness puts 90% or more of folks to shame. I am a bit concerned that you have been sore for "weeks". I suspect you need a 1/2 volume week, or even a week off. If taking a week completely off seems like too much rest, try rowing 25,000 K in one week, and no other workouts.

Rebecca said...

it's just the one muscle that's been sore for a long time (and it's got a lot of catching up to do), but you're right, i probably do need a break.

I'll stop trying to invent ways to workout while we're in FL, and just take it as a rest week.

(Except for burpees and kayaking! :-p )

Thank you for your comments :)

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