Sunday, August 24, 2008 by Daniel

...and we're back!

9 days later, we return from a highly restful week in Florida.

There's really not a whole lot to blog about, actually. Unlike our usual "adventure" vacations, this one was dedicated almost entirely to taking it easy. We spent a lot of time sitting around reading, watching the Olympics or bad movies, playing Wii games (Mario Kart == awesome), eating really bad food, and generally not going anywhere further than the pool, the beach, or Starbucks.

Side note on the food. Nearly all rules were suspended. We still avoided trans fats, and I tried to keep HFCS (primarily in Oreo form) to a minimum, but otherwise it was high-carb-city. Beer. Potato chips. Lots of bread. I'll be very curious to take measurements on Wednesday to see what damage was wrought. The Wii Fit clocked me in at 191, which (if true) means I gained 7 pounds in 5 days. I'd be pretty shocked if our scale confirmed that, but whatever - the new diet starts in a week, and it should come back off pretty easily.

Exercise was also avoided assiduously. As my first rest week in 10 months, I think my body really appreciated the break, and nearly all my generic aches and pains are gone (my foot is still a little sore from the toe thing, but it's nearly fully healed). We did, however, still perform our daily burpees, very often on the beach. We even took a video:

Some things we learned about beach burpees:

  • Find the levelest, hardest-packed sand you can. This is typically down very near the waves.
  • Face uphill, or risk injury from unbalanced jumping on uneven ground while very tired.
  • Since you are so close to the waves, be wary of jumping back INTO the water. This can result in a splash of seawater right in the face.
  • DO NOT CLAP overhead. This will result in an undesired shower of sand on your head and eyes. Best to just throw your hands up and out in a 'V'.
  • Take only photographs. Leave only burpee angels.

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