Monday, August 25, 2008 by Daniel

Back in the saddle with 5x5's

43 Burpees done throughout the day

Deadlift: 235
Shoulder Press: 95!

I was very pleasantly surprised by tonight's workout. After more than a week of being a lazy bum and filling my body with poisons, the five exploratory pullups I did this morning were WAY harder than they used to be. So I was fully prepared to bomb this workout.

Instead I rocked it! The DL's were heavy but manageable, but the shoulder presses were great! They felt solid and strong, and while two weeks ago I wasn't able to do the full five reps, tonight I was. I won't say they were no problem, because that last rep WAS heavy, and I really didn't think I was going to pull off the last rep of the last set, but overall they DID feel strong.

Part of it, I think, was a change in visualization on the origin of the effort. Previously, I had been thinking of the effort as happening mainly in my shoulders, but tonight I thought of driving the weight up from lower down my back, in my lats. For some reason this made me think of a triangle, or a mountain, and suddenly I felt much more stable and able to drive the weight up without so much teetering. I don't know where the change in perspective came from, it was just there.

In other, more maddening news, I'm ready to take a hammer to our scale. Two weeks ago it agreed with the Ironworks scale. Today it disagreed by three pounds. I think we need to get a new one, as this one seems to grow increasingly unreliable the further above 180 I get.

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Maximus Lewin said...

Hint: the motivating power of a press comes from the ABS! figure that out, and you will put 15# on your press.

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