Wednesday, June 4, 2008 by Daniel

Wednesday Weigh-in

What went in:
Avg daily calories: 3068
Fat: 148g - 42%
Carb: 242g - 29%
Protein: 199g - 26%
Alcohol: 5g - 1%

Workout summary:
3 x metcon
2 x strength (5x5)
2 x climbing
1 x LSD bike ride

What came out:
Weight: 178 (-2)
BF: 9.5% (-0.5%)
Chest: 38.5 (-0.25)
Arms: 11.75 (0)
Hips: 38.5 (0)
Waist: 32.75 (-0.25)
Thighs: 22 (-0.25)
Calves: 15 (0)
Forearms: 10 (+0.2)
Shoulders: 46.25 (-0.25)

Three-month check-in:

This marks my three-month anniversary with Crossfit (but only 3-4 weeks watching my diet). What's changed in that time?
Weight: +2lbs
Chest: +1"
Arms: +.25"
Hips: +.5"
Waist: -.25"
Thighs: +.5"
Calves: 0
Forearms: +.25"
Shoulders: +1"

Good across the board, and it's been much better since improving the diet, so I have high hopes looking forward.

Very odd. 500 more calories per day on average, and I lost 2 pounds. Seems to have been mainly fat, though, considering I'm now at my thinnest waist ever, which is nice. I got up this morning all prepared to have gained weight.

The only difference was the long bike ride on Sunday. I was worried about what that may have done to me - I don't think I ate well to cover it. Needed more food during the ride (I had none), and more fat and protein afterwards, too.

I also remembered that last week I did a GTG set of pullups before measuring, which may have artificially inflated the numbers. Need to be careful not to do that.

Looking Forward
Not sure what to take away from this. I guess I don't need to be as afraid of 3k calorie days as I thought I did. Eat more if I'm doing a LSD activity, I guess.

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