Wednesday, June 25, 2008 by Rebecca

Waste of a Workout

Four Rounds For Time:
Run 800 Meters
10 55#/35# Kettlebell Snatch Left
10 55#/35# Kettlebell Snatch Right
24:56 - for 3 rounds and the last run was 400m

Today's workout was just awful. Truly a waste. I'm not sure how much it will take for me to finally ACTUALLY learn that too few calories results in a horrible workout experience; one that often ends in tears of frustration.

Was it just Saturday where I was saying I felt like th 'poster girl for good nutrition'? Not this week. This week I am the poster girl for what happens when good nutrition goes out the window. Two sides of the same coin, I guess.

It's not like I haven't had that point hammered home on more than one recent occasion. But work has been crazy this week, and I have been very bad about remembering to eat while I am there all week. It is my goal to eat breakfast around 8:30 or 9, have a cottage cheese snack around 11:30, lunch around 2 and then an afternoon snack - if i'm hungry - around 4 or so.

Monday and yesterday I had breakfast (a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut or almond butter) around 10:30, cottage cheese around 1:30, forgot to eat lunch, and had a quick snack around 5 or 6:30 when I remembered I hadn't eaten lunch and had a good dinner at about 8:30.

Today, I knew that I probably hadn't gottenenough to eat the previous two days, so I brought a lot of food with my to work planning to try to eat all day long to try to 'catch up'. Well, I managed to have breakfast around 9:30 or so, and then didn't realize until 4 that I hadn't eaten anything since then.

A little backstory: I 'had' to get to work an hour early today. I had put a pricing matrix together for one of our sales people for a potential customer in NY. I gave it to him last night, but he wanted to go over it with the COO before submitting it to the customer, so he wanted to meet as early as possible in the morning (the COO was gone for the day by the time I got it to him yesterday) so he could get it to the NY people asap. I got to work at 8. The COO wasn't in, then we were supposed to meet @ 11, but the COO was occupied with other meetings and couldn't make it. The salesperson said he would come get me as soon as the COO was available. so i expectantly waiting to be called into a meeting - until 2:45! the meeting lasted until 3:45 then i had to run an errand for the owner of the company, and then it was like - oh yeah - i need food!

Class was @ 5. Not a whole lot of time to make up for the lack of calories. I opted for eating the cottage chese instead of the lunch I brought since I figured I might be able to digest that more quickly. Not a good base to start a workout from, and my workday did not put me in the best of moods.

On top of the limited calories, and my bad mood, my shoulders are STILL sore from saturday's workout - and not the good - 'i worked hard' kind of hurt - just the painful, bruised, tender kind of hurt, AND there are something like 800 fires in Northern California right now and the air quality is HORRIBLE here. I made the mistake of thinking it was was foggy. It's not foggy - the air is THICK with smoke.

AND I was 10 minutes late to class, so I missed some of the warmup. I probably should just have done something on my own. But when things are going like this, it can end in one of two ways - a wretched disaster, or a surprising success. I was hoping that by just going through the motions I could workout my stress and find the strength to get through the workout. Didn't happen.

50m into the first run I got smacked with a horrible side stitch and had to walk about 100m. I managed to run the rest of it though. 5:40

I actually did pretty well with the snatches. I thought I was going to have to use a 10# dumbell for my right arm, but it ended up being too light, so i struggled through with the 8kg kettlebell instead for both left and right.

The second run started off well, but I only made it about 200m before I had to walk, and I ended up having to walk MOST of it. Maybe 3/4. 6:45 I was so frustrated, and tired, and sore!

The third run, I decided to cut down to 400 figuring i could at least do that. Except that about 150m through i started having horrible phlegm issues (see note above re: horrible air quality). I ended up having to walk much of the 400m, too. I think it took 3:40.

Tomorrow we're going climbing with two of my coworkers - finally! And I am really looking forward to that. It can't help but go better than today. Today was just ... a fantastic reminder why i HAVE to get on a steady eating schedule. It's a little frustrating (ok - a LOT frustrating) to be SO reactive to what does or does not go into my body, but at least I know that as long I stick to a healthy, CONSISTENT diet, I'll be good. Now I just have to unlearn years of bad habits and make it happen.

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