Friday, June 13, 2008 by Daniel

TRS Diablo Rock

Top rope series at Diablo Rock

Score: 2,338

10a(o), 10a/b(o), 10b(first box), 10c(first box), 10c/d(o!), 10d(first box)

Well, it was both more and less than I expected. My performance was disappointing, particularly on the b and the c (the b had a long negative incline with pincher holds, and the c had a really tricky overhang, neither of which I had the strength for). The c/d was stemmy, and ridiculously easy, so I felt better about that, and I actually got further on the d than I expected to - almost to the second box.

I maintain my fairly low opinion of Diablo Rock. The walls just aren't terribly interesting (though the a/b and c/d were actually kinda cool), the vibe is more meat-market than Oakland, Berkeley or SF, and the music was godawful.

Also had my first cheat meal in two or three weeks - pizza and beer - kinda gave me a headache.

I'm looking forward to the next comp at Ironworks in a month. Hopefully I can do better in my real range (b or c - that c/d was just a fluke).

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