Friday, June 27, 2008 by Daniel

More climbing and 5x5's

AM climbing:
10a, 10b(f), 10c(f++), 10b, 10c(dnc)

Man, Jim wasn't kidding - routes set on a Monday ARE harder! Spent most of the time today on the new climbs in the back corner, and they are doozies. The first b was stemmy and delicious and will be clean next time, I just needed to give my shoulder a rest from being in a contorted lean-back for too long. The c is hard. Like, HARD hard. Tiny pincher holds and no good feet on a negative incline + overhang all the way up. I rested my way up it and my forearms felt completely thrashed afterwards. I think I've met my new nemesis. And it scares me.

PM 5x5's

Back squat: 120
Bench press: 120

There's a little bench/box thing back by the cages that I used tonight to squat down to, just as a depth marker (I never rested on it, and I made sure in the mirror that it was below parallel for me). I think it REALLY helped my form. I didn't have the problem of leaning forward at the bottom and putting strain on my back (which I think comes from squatting too low), and I finally felt like I understood what to do with my knees, managing to send them out to the sides instead of knock-kneeing in. It helped to visualize the movement as a horizontal three-pointed star sending my knees and butt in opposite direction - "OUT", and not "down." Still, even though I just touched my butt to the box and came back up, it felt a little like cheating, so next time I think I'll use it for the empty bar warmups, just to feel the depth, and then lose it when the weight goes on.

The bench is getting heavy, such that the last rep of the last two sets were a real struggle. I might start failing soon, which has me nervous. Guess I'll just ask someone to spot me.

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