Thursday, June 26, 2008 by Rebecca

WODs and climbing - not quite BFF

WOD 6-26-08
For time:
50 Sit-ups
50 Double-Unders
50 Sit-ups
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Sit-ups
50 Burpees
50 Sit-ups
*Mod - did twice as many rounds of 25 reps each.

Total 23:04

1. 25 Sit-ups 0:49.0
2. 25 Tuck-jumps 0:32.4
3. 25 Sit-ups 1:03.6
4. Walking Lunge, 25 steps 1:45.0
5. 25 Sit-ups 1:25.6
6. 25 Burpees 4:14.0
7. 25 Sit-ups 1:24.4
8. 25 Sit-ups 1:10.8
9. 25 Tuck-jumps 0:37.8
10. 25 Sit-ups 1:07.4
11. Walking Lunge, 25 steps 1:18.6
12. 25 Sit-ups 2:17.1*
13. 25 Burpees 4:07.5
14. 25 Sit-ups 1:11.6

*The times for rounds 12 & 13 are a little skewed - much of the time for round 12 actually belongs to round 13 - i forgot to hit the button on my watch.

5.9 clean, 5.9 - not clean

SO ... my coworker friends who we were SUPPOSED to take climbing BOTH flaked on me. I was super disappointed. This is the 3rd time in as many weeks that at least one of the three of us haven't been able to make it, and one of them is leaving on Tuesday for a 3 week vacation, and I doubt that I will get one without the other, so maybe it will work sometime in August ... or September

Daniel was able to get in touch with another climbing friend of ours who agreed to meet us later in the evening for some climbing, so we decided to go to the gym at the time we had originally planned to go and do the CFEB WOD on our own. Daniel brought egg salad wraps with him when he came so we could have a bit of dinner in between CF and climbing. (He's so awesome )

I'm pretty pleased with how this workout went. I split the rounds in half, originally intending to only do half. Despite eating pretty consistently throughout the day, i still felt pretty tired and wanted to scale the workout according to what I thought i could manage. Of course by the time I got to the end of the first half rounds, and Daniel was still working on his burpees, I thought - "that wasn't so bad, I could do that again", so I did! And the second set of rounds actually felt better than the first.

All of the rounds of situps were unbroken. The walking lunges were essentially unbroken - except for having to repeatedly catch my balance. (Fortunately I was walking back and forth along a wall) And except for a couple brief pauses to stretch my shoulders, the burpees were also largely unbroken, particularly in the second round (though not by any means speedy - just ... steady).

By the time we finished it was just about time for us to meet our friend Kat (not the same as my friend Katherine). So we scarfed our dinner. Kat only had an hour to climb so she went first. She's a good climber, and fun to watch. She's very good about keeping her weight on her feet. When it was my turn I was feeling pretty peppy, and I really wanted to try some of the 10a's I've been eying, but better sense prevailed, and I decided to to warm up with a 5.9 . Good thing too. I warmed up with my old friend Thriller - and it was a lot harder than the last time I climbed it. Drat. Since I am fairly certain the climb hadn't changed, and the laws of gravity hadn't changed, it must've be me. Apparently the adrenaline rush from the CF workout makes me FEEL like i can climb anything - but the reality is something else entirely. I still climbed it clean - it just wasn't graceful.

I've never climbed directly after a WOD before, and I think the intensive ab work from the WOD did not do my climbing any favors. You really rely on those core muscles to keep your body as close to the wall as possible, and they were all tuckered out.

The gym was actually kind of crowded, so my choice of climbs was fairly limited when it came back to being my turn, the 5.8 on the negative incline wall was taken, so I decided to revisit the 5.9 on the negative incline wall I did on Sunday. I think I did some parts better just due to being more familiar with the climb, and i think i did it more quickly than I did on Sunday, but I still had to rest several times, and there were too many instances of scrambling to get up instead of intelligently using my legs and balance when possible. It's just really hard to stop and think about that when my forearms are burning from holding me on the (evil negative incline) wall. This is definitely a climb i want to keep doing until I can manage it clean.

After me Daniel climbed once (he was going to be back to climb early the next morning, so he was pretty happy just belaying and keeping us company) and then it was Kat's turn, and then it was time for her to go, and Daniel and i decided we were pretty ready to go, too.

So it was sort of a mixed day. I didn't do as well with the climbing as I had expected I would, but I did a lot better at the WOD. We didn't get home until late, and I wanted to try to get a full night's sleep, so that's why this log is a day late. (I really enjoy writing these log posts, but they take forever to write )

Tonight we opted to go out to dinner with Daniel's Dad and his Aunt who we haven't seen in a while, so I didn't get to workout today, but the extra rest was probably a good thing.

In non-workout news, I got officially got a promotion and a raise today!! I've known about the promotion for a while. My company is moving me from Accounts Receivable, and basically training me to be a cost accountant - except without the 'training' per se since we've never really had a cost accountant, and no one has any time to really 'teach' me, so it's kind of a 'toss her in and see how she does' kind of thing. I've essentially been doing the work for the past month and a half or more - and there had been some vague conversation about additional compensation, but the company isn't actually doing so well right now, so I didn't have any expectation of that happening any time soon. So, today, my boss swings by my desk ans asks if he can 'steal me for a few minutes'. What a nice gift for a Friday!

We're supposed to go for a longish bike ride with some friends tomorrow to do a little training for the Metric century we're all doing in Mid July. I hope the air clears up enough for us to go without burning our lungs. Yuck. I haven't been on my road bike all month, and I'm starting to get really worried about just having the stamina to sit on my saddle for that long. We're going to head out to the coast in the hopes that things are clearer out there.

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