Saturday, October 15, 2011 by Rebecca


Add 5-10 lbs to last week as appropriate

Post loads to comments.
(e 6/6) compare to 10.8.11

Tabata Mash Up
DB Snatch Left Arm
DB Snatch Right Arm
Push Up
Cycle through stations at each interval, performing 4 intervals at each for a total of 12 intervals (6 minutes).
Choose a load that'll allow you to get at least 10 reps per round.

Post loads and total reps for each station.

Back squat:  42-42-47-47-47

Left snatch: 12.5 lbs 8-8-8-8
Right stach: 7.5 lbs 9-9-8-9
Pushup (knees up): 8-8-8-8

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