Tuesday, July 6, 2010 by Daniel

Benchmark Blitz

WOD 100706
Minute 0:00
Thruster 95/65
Minute 15:00 (cannot move on if DNF or scaled)
10 rounds:
5 Pull-Up
10 Push-Up
15 Squat
Minute 30:00 (cannot move on if DNF or scaled)
Deadlift 225/155
Handstand Push-Up

Minute 45:00 - limit
Post time for all three workouts plus total time (sum total of all three) to comments.

Fran 10:03rx (15 seconds over PR)
1/2 Cindy 14:53rx
Diane DNF (21 deadlifts, couldn't even get into a handstand)
I suppose it's a tribute to the mental exhaustion this caused that it didn't even occur to me to scale Diane down to piking pushups.

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