Tuesday, May 18, 2010 by Rebecca


Warmup: ME; ridiculous long shoulder killing "warmup" (mini circles, rotations, flapping,etc for like 2 minutes - maybe more - couldn't put your arms down in between) some burpees and dowel drills

3 rounds:

30 burpees
21 Push-Jerk 95/65

15 minute limit
scaled to 50#

2 rounds + 18 burpees

I don't know whether it was the ridiculous shoulder "warm up" or something else, but i just had nothing in the tank for this workout. I was originally going to scale this to 55#, but I only managed 1 pseudo rep @ 55 before i stripped the bar to 50# and even then, i couldn't get 5 reps without dropping the weight - and if i am being honest - the majority of my reps did not achieve full lockout at the top. It was horrible. The burpees sucked, too. I couldn't get through them fast enough.

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