Saturday, May 1, 2010 by Rebecca

2010-05-01 - Murph 50%

50% Murph
Run 800m

50 Pullups
100 Pushups
150 Squats

Run 800 m

4:41; 4:08; 4:40; 6:18; 6:08 (2:20)

Total: 41:11

This was the hardest 50% Murph I've done in a long time. I broke it up intop rounds of 10 pullup[s, 20 pushups and 30 squats broken up like so:

I was using a green band for assisted pullups, and it was enough of a PITA to get my foot into it, that I wanted to gang the attempts together as much as possible.

I really hit a wall in round 4. the 2:20 in brackets was me futzing with my shoe. I thought my sock was bunched up funny, but one of my toenails had gotten too long and was digging into the adjacent toe which was really painful. I ended up walking much of the last 800 as a result. (Although my time still would have been pretty dreadful - i had a terrible foot cramp and a side stitch, too.) I just couldn't bring myself to simply quit.

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