Wednesday, January 20, 2010 by Rebecca

1-20-2010 - Oly Cycle #4

Missed most of the warm up. stupid work.  Did  a few wall squats and a 45 second squat hold.

Worked on snatch technique - did hang power snatches and and full squat snatch balances with the 15# bar.  I can do each of these movements fairy well - but the instant I try to link the pull and the drop things get all wonky, so I'm working on them separately for now.

Worked on clean technique - mostly worked tall cleans with 33# bar to work on diving under the bar while staying upright.  I tried a 45# tall clean and ended up on my butt.  I managed a few 40#.  I did a couple jerk reps at the end.  I am less worried about working on these than the cleans.

OHS 5-5-5

really need an alumalight(sp?) barso i can go up in weight without jumping from 15 to 30#\

Ring dips 5-5-5
first set was with the green band - too easy.
second set was with my new tiny red band and I managed 5 across - barely
3rd set was 1, then 2 then 2 (with the little red band)

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