Thursday, October 29, 2009 by Rebecca



For Time:

3 Rounds:

21 C2B Pull-Ups
15 Deadlift 225/155
21 Pull-Ups
15 Deadlift 185/135
9 Push-ups
21 Jumping Pull-Ups
15 KB SDHP 1.5/1.0P
9 Push-ups

Results on beginner using mens weight: 11:36
I forgot my regular watch, so I did not get split times.  I think I finished the first round in about 3:30 - I didn't quite manage to maintain that pace.  SDHP after jumping pullups is really HARD.


Max said that this should really be a blazing metcon, and even one round of 21 legit pullups and  15 deadlifts at 135# would not have been anything close to a metcon for me, which is why I opted for the beginner selection at the men's weight.

Having the SDHP right after the jumping pullups was still a little bit of a roadblock to 'blazing' because i frequently had to wait for my hip flexors to recover enough to get another SDHP rep.  The 9 pushups were an absolute breeze. 

I really like that Max has been has been breaking up the workouts into Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner - it really helps to have the scaling pre-thought out.  It's a little disheartening that I am still stuck at beginner level on so many exercises, but only a little.  I know I am still WAY better than I was when I started.  It just reinforces was an amazingly low place that was.

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