Monday, September 28, 2009 by Rebecca


Haven't been climbing in weeks - possibly months. It was nice to get back on the wall.

I did 3 climbs:

A 5.9 that was a very straight forward ladder climb - hardly any cruux at all.

A 10a that was much trickier - i had one fall where my foot slipped off a hold, but otherwise - despite having a fair amount of trouble with it, I didn't have any takes, and I made it up clean.

A 10b that TOTALLY kicked my ass. It started with a bit of negative incline and the second half turned into a book-y/stemmy climb.

I had a VERY hard time with the start. it seemed to require that I stand up on only my right leg using only a tiny rounded nub when most of my weight was shifted to the left, and I just couldn't quite bring myself to commit all my weight to my right leg at such a strange angle on such a perilous little nub. it took about 10 tries but I finally figured out a way to do it ... and then I still had the whole rest of the climg ahead of me, and my hands were already on fire. I have NO climbing callouses left.

I seriously thought about coming down after I made it to the hold that I'd been trying to reach for a good 10 or 15 minutes, but I decided to tough it out. My right leg/hip were also totally fatigued - my hip kept cramping up, and my leg would vibrate when I put much weight on it - which certainly increased the challenge. I had to rest every 2 or 3 holds and all told it probably took me half an hour to make it up the climb, but I DID eventually make it. Daniel was extremely patient - though he probably wished he had used the gri-gri.

when I got down, I said "well that was ugly", but Daniel said that the climb was hard enough that it had actually cured some of my bad habits. I was just pleased to have made it all the way to the top.

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