Saturday, August 22, 2009 by Rebecca

Unknown and unknowable


Post X, Y, and psychological implications of unknown workout to comments.

Max deliberately kept us in the dark about this workout. He didn't tell us anything before the workout started - it was just "keep running, until the fastest person(s) have 1 800m lap left, and then I'll tell you how many laps total you have to do, and there may or may not be something to do after the running. When we were finished with the running, he sent us upstairs to find out whether there was more to be done (and of course there was.

The total workout turned out to be:
Run 4 miles
100 Sit-Ups
50 Burpees
25 Pull-Ups

I only ran 1.5 miles because something in the outside of my right hip started feeling decidedly painful, and I decided it wasn't worth it to provoke an injury just to prove a point. It was probably unhappy about the thrusters from the day before. I did the rest - albeit slowly. - actually the whole thing was slow.

Run 800m splits: 5:53, 5:52, 7:39 Total: 19:26
I had to walk a lot of the last lap because of my hip - but this is still an extraordinarily slow time for me for 800m. It's been a month or more since I did any real running but .... wow that sucks.

100 situps: 6:01

50 burpees: 12:21 - a little of this time was spent taking off my shoes and the putting them back on, but again - HORRIBLE

25 jumping pullups: 7:30

Total: 45:23

Comments: all around - just terrible. several people who ran all 4 miles and a few who ran extra due to some confusion about who was in front of whom finished ahead of me.

I can't believe I have gotten so deconditioned so quickly. It's terribly disheartening. I am hoping that it will come back quickly - more quickly than it did the first time.

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