Friday, July 17, 2009 by Rebecca

Yoga. Humbling AND refreshing

Today, we went to an Ashtanga yoga class instead of Crossfit. I found it extremely refreshing to be doing something other than CrossFit for a change. It also became immediately clear (though I already knew this to be true) that i have a LONG way to go towards working on my flexibility.

I was gratified to notice that there were aspects of it that I was better at than I used to be - I can jump back into the plank position for sun salutations, which I could not before, and I also spent less time in child's pose when a movement required too much strength. Ex. I did not used to be able to hold downward dog all the way through all of the introductory Vinyasas - my arms and shoulders would just give out. And I was able to, this time.

But there have definitely been slips in balance and flexibility (particularly flexibility - since balance is just always bad), which I am very much looking forward to working on.

I liked the teacher. He was clearly extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the practice of yoga, and he actually went around the room and adjusted the students when they were having trouble with a pose, which I really appreciated.

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