Wednesday, May 13, 2009 by Rebecca

Strength wk9 pt 1 - and some burpee fun.

Warmup: 400m jog, 15 pushups, 30 situps, 15 squats, 15 dowel ohs, 15 good mornings 15# bar.

Wod 1:

10 x 45#
5x 55#-65#-75#(pr)
21x 65# (f) 14,7


3x50#-55#-60#-65#-72#(f rep 3 - twice)
21x55 (f) 19,3 (rep 19 didn't *quite* count my right arm just would not fully lock out - so i did 1 extra.)

I was feeling pretty good about this. I thought I was doing pretty darn well with the squats this week. And then I watched the video Daniel took. My form is terrible. And it is entirely clear why my left knee always hurts afterwards. As Daniel put it, I am essentially doing assisted pistols. I would say that 70-80% on my weight is on my left leg. doing heavy reps with horrible form is just stupid - it doesn't help me and could very well injur me. The weights are not going up - and may very well go down - until I can keep my weight on both legs and keep my knees out. I also loose my lumbar curve pretty quickly. I have GOT to get serious about loosening up my hamstrings. I'll try to get the video up tomorrow - though honestly, it's just embarassing.

WOD #2:
50 Unbroken Burpees - no stopping to rest or breathe - constant motion.
5:45 - definitely a PR.

Averages out to 6.9 seconds per burpee. might be my fastest per burpee time ever - even though the burpees were pretty damn slow, not stopping to rest made a huge difference in the time. It was definitely a suck fest. But it felt good to get it done. I can. I will. I must.

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