Monday, May 11, 2009 by Rebecca

Oh yeah - climbing!

Ok - really I only did 2 climbs and spent the rest of the night chatting so there was a bit more social than climbing to the evening. The two climbs I did went fairly well considering that I haven't been able to straighten my arms without wincing all day. My forearms are a bit fried from carrying heavy things around all weekend.

I started with a 5.9 that went fine, and then (eventually) I did a 10a/b. the holds were not terribly friendly (bad for pumped forearms), and there was definitely some sloppy climbing from me wen i felt my forearms giving out ... I think i had 2 takes - but all things considered I still feel like it went pretty well.

I got to watch Ynez strategize her way up a very stemmy 10d that was built for someone with a somewhat wider wingspan than she's got, but every time i thought she was stuck and couldn't possibly make the next move, she found a way to make it work, and made it all the way to the top of that sucker. It was pretty inspiring.

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YPA said...

Ynez, that's me!! That was a ridiculous climb! Good thing it was only my second and last because it took a lot. ;-))

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