Thursday, May 21, 2009 by Daniel

Strength Cycle Week 10, part 1


Back Squat x 5: 135 - 165 - 195(pr)
Back Squat x 21: 145 (unbroken)
Bench Press x 5: 125 - 140 - 157F/4
Bench Press x 21: 120F (16-5)

Continuing to make progress on the squat (195 wasn't actually as bad as I feared it would be), but my bench remains stalled out. It felt weak right from the get-go tonight. Last night's WOD? Waiting too long between squats and pressing? Goofing around with weighted pullups? Different equipment? I don't know, but in general tonight I wasn't feeling it. Distracted, irritable, awkward with the different equipment and location...hopefully next week will be better. Only have to do this twice more and then we can shelve it for a little bit.

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Maximus Lewin said...

Very normal to start running out of juice at the end of a strength cycle. It is hard to disrupt homeostasis with continued predictable stimulus over long periods. That is why we cycle. Be glad you are still getting gains at all.

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