Wednesday, May 6, 2009 by Daniel

Catch-22 Redux

I'm gradually regaining control of my life. The last two weeks have illustrated to me how much a creature of habit I have become, as the disruption of my regular routine has tended to make me very cranky. Particularly with my workouts. From SoCal to the cold to Aromas, I've lost two weeks out of the strength routine and missed a boatload of workouts, and while the rational part of my brain tells me that it's fine - maybe even good to mix it up - the irrational part is yelling at me that I'm falling behind, getting lazy, yada yada. Both jobs are also very crazy and behind schedule on their projects, which stresses me out - but this is not a blog about work.

Max wanted to give CFEB a taste of the Qualifier workout, so he concocted a version of Catch-22 that we'd be able to do at Ironworks:

For time:

22 Deadlifts 250#/185#
Run 400m with 10#/8# dumbbells
Single Kettlebell Carry 200m 2P/1.5P
22 KB Swing 2P/1.5P
Single Kettlebell Carry 200m 2P/1.5P
22 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
Run 800m with 10#/8# dumbbells
22 Wall-Ball 20#/14#
22 Burpees
Run 400m (unweighted)

30 minute time limit.

32:09 RX
(technically a DNF)

Very brutal, and a disappointing time. I gamed this one extremely poorly. It was the KB Carry that did me in. After the deadlifts (which were more or less fine, considering it was the heaviest I'd ever gone with deadlifts for reps), I did most of the carry holding the kettlebell by its handle behind my back, so it hit my butt on every step. This was exceedingly unwise, although I didn't know it at the time. The deadlifts and kettlebell completely shattered my grip, so that by the time I got to the pullups I could barely even hang off the bar - I did the pullups mostly in singles with long rests, which took forEVER. The rest went fairly quickly, but by then it was too late - I wasn't fast enough to finish it in under 30 minutes. If I could do it again, I'd carry the kettlebell on my shoulder, in such a way as to keep it there without working my grip. This one change, I think, would substantially improve my time.

It was a good workout, though. Felt MUCH harder than the scaled version of Catch-22 that I did on Sunday, but that's not too surprising.

It feels really good to be healthy and back on track.

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