Friday, April 24, 2009 by Daniel

Stir Crazy 4k

I don't want to whine too much, but I am having a difficult time here in Oceanside. I did go for a run this morning on the beach, and that was nice. Turns out it was only 4k (it didn't feel very long), but I was more interested in running sprints than in keeping a steady pace. I didn't have the means to run a proper Sprint-8, so I guessed...I'm sure my sprints were more like 20 seconds and my rests were all over the place, but whatever - it was hard. I like running on the beach when there's a nice stretch of flat firm-packed sand, but unfortunately most of this beach is not like that, so there was much rock-hopping and running in bulldozer treads.

I would dearly love to work out some of my frustration with some CrossFit. Turns out there is an affiliate in town, but it isn't walking distance. Maybe we can finagle a ride. Rebecca has gotten trapped in the pages of a Dan Brown novel, though, so I probably won't see much of her until she makes it out the other side.

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