Sunday, April 5, 2009 by Daniel

Ready for a rest

Well, I made it to Sunday in one piece...mostly. My legs are pretty rocked from yesterday, and it's definitely a hobble-and-groan day, but I had to head down to IW for the last workday of the week:

Deadlift x 5: 225 - 245 - 275 (pr)
Deadlift x 21: 205 (unbroken)
Press x 5: 75 - 85 - 97 (pr)
Press x 21: 65 (unbroken!)

It turned out to be a good day. The deadlifts felt unscary, and the superset was done with NO extra breaths or pauses...and some seriously burning buttocks. I was really worried about the presses, especially with yesterday's overhead work, but they both went really well - I even finally got the 21 unbroken at 65, after all these weeks of trying. That was satisfying.

Next time: 280/210, 100/70 (gulp!)

It was my intention to skip firebreathers since I'm feeling so thrashed, but it was such a lowkey workout (3rm snatch) and such a beautiful day, I stuck around to hang out in the sunshine and try to throw some weights over my head.

Snatch x 3: 75 - 85 - 90 - 95
Snatch x 1: 100 (pr)

I still can't dip to receive the snatch once the weight gets even a little heavy, so these were almost all muscle snatches - but they were fairly clean ones. Only the 100, which came after a handful of failures, was really ugly. Still, it's a 13# PR from my 1RM of a couple months ago, so I'll take it.


Maximus Lewin said...

Nice Daniel. Your Journeyman approach is going to pay huge dividends (even more than it already has).

A "superset" is two movements done back to back. Many CF WODs are multiple supersets.

Daniel said...

Oops. OK...I guess I'll just call it "the big set" then. I didn't realize "superset" was already taken.

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