Monday, April 20, 2009 by Daniel

Get up the wall, chubs

Terrible climbing tonight at BIW:

10a(o), 10c(f), 10d(DNF), 10df++), 10c(o)

If tonight is any indicator and I really can't climb 10d's reliably anymore, then I may have undergone a growth spurt and gained another 5 pounds. I'm definitely not as lean as I was when I started this strength cycle, but since I'm not weighing myself, I'm not sure how much I've gained - I've learned that every five pounds drops a letter, though, so this would put me at somewhere between 5-10 pounds gained.

It may not be the weight, or at least not entirely. It's very warm right now, which means greasy, sweaty hands that have a much harder time staying on holds, and my shoulders are both feeling pretty well toasted right now, so those could be factors. I'll try the 10d that I failed the next time I climb with Tor, to see if fresher muscles and cooler weather make a difference.


YPA said...

You are effin' kidding me. Chubs?? Seriously? You are a dorkface dum dum with that comment.

Daniel said...

I was being ironical. ;)

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