Monday, April 6, 2009 by Daniel

Climb easy

Still feeling somewhat beat up today, particularly in the quads (damn thrusters and squats). So I took it easy at social climbing tonight, toproping with Ynez and shooting shit with Gita and Evelyn.

10a(o), 10c(o), 10c(o), 10b(o)

The first 10a was a reachy arete climb, little pumpy for a 10a. The first 10c had huge holds, but was a long negative punctuated by two big overhangs that went WAY off plumb, which always makes me nervous. Though not as nervous as the...uh...uncomfortable velocity with which Ynez dropped lowered me. Apparently I weigh a lot. The next 10c got increasingly negative up the wall and used a lot off oddball, uncomfortable holds that really worked my grip. The last 10b was easy.


YPA said...

Daniel - believe me, when I drop you, you'll know it.... Sorry, don't hate me!!!! I be better next time. I be so good....

Rebecca said...

You did what?! Don't make me have to come after you :-p

cooke said...

Had a great time with you guys on Saturday. I would love to join in next time!!
Sorry to hear Ynez dropped you, tell her to quit chatting it up.

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