Friday, March 13, 2009 by Rebecca


12:15 - 8:00 super restless. woke up 3-4 times. partially from cats, prtially from just waking up.

No Kitchen Calisthenics today - i failed to make it to eating lunch.

Not quite enough (again) because I was late. 20 jumping ring dips, 20 20# med ball cleans

WOD - Results:
"Milk & Cookies"

Run 400 Meters - 2:36
25 Squats - 1:06
25 Push-Ups - 1:42
25 Burpees - 4:35
25 Squats - 1:09
Run 400 Meters - 2:26

Cash Out:
15 minute stretching hammies and hips, 17 Step-ups Right leg, 12 step-ups left 20" box.

This felt a lot harder that it probably should have. I was sucking wind most of the time. I made a conscious effort to try to keep rests to a minimum, take a couple breaths and continue on, but I also was aiming for good form for every rep, and that's a very tough line to walk. I probably could have done a little better but it's a lot harder to do a squat or pushup or burpee with good form when you're winded. My ankles did not feel warm for the first run - and it was slow. Burpees after pushups is hard since the pushup muscles are more or less already done for. my legs were wobbly after the squats for the second run. But every squat was low enough, every pushup was full ROM and every burpee has a fully extended jump with a clap.

All in all a pretty mediocre performance, but I believe that focusing on doing the exercises as quickly as i can do them right is going to serve me better than just doing them as quickly as I can.

The cash out steps-ups were ... humbling. I can't do one on a 20" box without significant help staying balanced and getting started - either by jumping off my standing leg and/or pulling/stabilizing with my arms. But I'm sure they will improve with work.

8:45 6oz black coffee
1:40 cottage cheese, almonds & cinnamon, 12oz coffee w 3/4 cup milk
6:45 16oz milk
7:45 8oz beer, cepe vine "el Barron" no bun, sub salad for potatoes. I don't know why, but this was just DELICIOUS tonight. I put the avocado on the burger, and ate the mushrooms and onions more as a side dish, and everything just tasted exceptionally good tonight.
Meant to drink more milk and take my vitamins when we got home, but i forgot.

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