Monday, March 2, 2009 by Rebecca


5.9(c), 10a (f)

I was pretty tired tonight, and the gym was packed, so i only got in two climbs. The first was an exceptionally friendly 5.9 that I only did a fair job of getting up. It was clean, but it was cot graceful. Then I got to try a new 10a. I had a rough spot at the start, but it was smooth sailing after that. Daniel said I looked really strong - with a few moves, in particular, that I would not have been able to pull off in the past, and it felt good.

Blood Test:
I went to the dr. for a checkup today, and asked to get a blood test done. Here are my vital statistics:

Blood Pressure: 98/66
Weight: 125
Lipid Panel:
Cholesterol: 237
Triglyceride: 32
HDL: 86
LDL Calculated: 145

Fasting Glucose: 87

I have no idea what any of it means. I'm a little concerned about my cholesterol and LDL levels - they're both listed as "borderline high" levels, but my HDL is 26 points higher than than the bottom of the "extremely healthy" range. so maybe it is the reason the total cholesterol is high, and positively offsets the high LDL cholesterol. I read on one site that a ratio of Total Cholesterol to HDL Choleserol of 3.5:1 is good, and lower than that is better, and this is a ratio of 2.76:1.

11:40 - 7:55 - slept pretty well. minimal waking up. some overheating. daniel thinks i may be experiencing gluconeogenesis (big long funny word that essentially means overheating) due to the increased intensity of my workouts and decreased carb intake.

Fast 9:30pm - 1:07pm
1:07 coffee w/ 2/3 cup milk, 1.25 cup cottage cheese, 1.5 oz slivered almonds, 1tsp cinnamon
1:30 1 multiv, 2 glucosamine, 4 omega-3
5:30 1.5 oz spiced cashews
8:30 1 bowl magic crockpot chicken. 16oz milk
9:20 16 oz milk, 2 little squares chocolate

Never quite got around to eating lunch.


Ynez Arce said...

How was the crock pot chicken?? Was it really magical? As in delicious??

Daniel said...

It was, in fact, quite tasty. Not "delicious," but the chicken was good. As a first venture, I'd call it a success, but there's room for improvement.

Jenn said...

Still struggling with remembering to eat lunch?

Rebecca said...

This week, I seem to be. Work's been hectic. I have been pretty good about getting to it lately.

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