Friday, March 6, 2009 by Daniel


I'm still feeling sick, particularly in the mornings and evenings for some reason, but during the day I feel mostly fine. Usually evidences itself as a persistent cough. Annoying.

This morning, however, it was nice to get in some climbing with Tor that was not pre-exhausted. I decided to take the opportunity to work on harder climbs.

10b(c), 10d(o), 10d(f), L10a(o), L10b(o), 11a(f++)

It was going GREAT up until that last 11a, which was a fall-fest. The first 10d looked interesting from the ground, but was too easy. The second 10d, a new orange one in the back that goes right up the arch, is very likely the craziest, shake-your-head-in-disbelief climb I've ever done. It starts off well by forcing you to do a huge backwards brace and step on the opposite wall of the arch, then has a series of increasingly difficult stemming moves, some of which make you do some no-foot stemming, bracing yourself off two holds with your arms while your feet dangle. It looked so insane that Tor had to try it, and he agreed it was a fantastically crazy climb. Obviously, it's my new favorite. I led a couple easy climbs to stay in practice, then finished up with an 11a slab that I was too tired to do - I kept peeling off it over and over, and flat-out cheated one sequence. I'd like to try that one again.

Tonight was deadlifts at CFEB. So it's shaping up to be a strength-oriented week, which is probably best for my cold. The workout was 3x7, and Max suggested it be 93% of 1RM straight across. I ballparked that to be about 275, which was more than I had intended to do. But after ramping up the first couple sets, it felt appropriately challenging.

Deadlift x 3: 255-265-275-275-275-275-275

Nice to see my deadlifts coming back after the horrible 1RM experience a couple weeks ago.

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Evelyn said...

Nice deadlifts! Fallfest...LOL.

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