Wednesday, March 11, 2009 by Rebecca

More stretching necessary!!!

Attended a Hip function seminar at CFO with guest speaker Kelly Starrett. He is charming, and extremely knowledgeable. Learned a lot of ways to stretch the areas around the hip, and basically got completely dressed down for not stretching often enough. It was a good seminar.

Kitchen Calisthenics:
40 couter-top pushups; 20 hands together, 20 hands shoulder width apart

12:05-8:07 the cats were restless last night. I think I got up three or four times - once was to let the healthy cat out (because he was scratching furniture in our bedroom which generally means "let me out") who proceeded to stand at the door and then changed his mind about wanting to go out. Shit head.

8:45 - 6oz black coffee
1:20 - 1.25 cup cottage cheese, 2 oz slivered almonds, 1 tsp cinnamon, 6oz coffee with milk.
1:40 - 1 multiv, 2 glucosamine, 4 omega-3
4:00 - 1 serving ma po tofu w/ ground turkey and broccolini
8:15 - 1 bowl AWESOME crock pot chicken Marsala. YUMMY. 16 oz milk
9:00 - 16oz milk


Jenn said...

Rebecca, your cats are psycho. I have to admire your patience with them.

Love the countertop calisthenics!

Ynez Arce said...

I want a full report on the class please! I think Max is coming around to getting more stretching in there so that's good.

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