Friday, March 20, 2009 by Rebecca

And the PR's just keep rolling on. :-D

11:45 - 8:15 but very little sleep was actually had after about 6am. DAMN CATS between the two of them, it was horrible. One kept wanting to be let outside and then changing his mind, the other one kept meowing and clawing at the covers because he isn't allowed out side right now. I swear it will be a happy happy day when he finally gets this cone off his head. This must be the all time slowest healing wound. It's a little worrisome. We did some serious wound maintenance this evening - and it looks much better. Fingers crossed we'll be done with the cone in just a couple more days.

Warmup: Dowel Drills: burgener warmup, snatch parctice, OH Squats

Snatch Set-Up 3-3-3-3

Snatch Deadlift 1-1-1

Warmup - Snatch Setup 10x45#

Snatch Setup: 55-65-75-95
Snatch Deadlift: 115-125-130

Regualr Deadlift x 1: 145-150!!! (PR!)

Snatch grip deadlifts are definitely harder than normal deadlifts. I fell like I did pretty well overall with them. I didn't realize we only had three sets of the !RM, and probably could have pulled 135, but 130 was plenty challenging. However, lifting that 150# was AWESOME. Lifting 145# was practically easy - I knew I could do more. The 150 was hard - it went up very slowly. I know my right knee was not solid. But with just a little practice, I know I can do more than that. It's very exciting to see results from our strength focus training paying off so quickly. What's not exciting is the body comp changes I am seeing as a result of doing only 1 to 2 metcons a week and not reducing my caloric intake. I am trying not to dwell on those. I've never had too much trouble making weight come off, and clearly the focus on strength is paying off in spades.

I was in a FOUL mood when i got to the gym. The day at work was extremely packed and frustrating and I am TIRED TIRED TIRED of having too much to do in the 8 hours I am allowed to put in. The backlog just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and I see no end in sight as to how I am going to catch up with all the things that are not getting done. I barely managed to get a report put together that was due to the bank today just as I was leaving.

But it wasn't long after I got to the gym and got moving and helping the other girls in my group with their form before I was able to completely let go of work and the frustration and just be there in the moment.

When Daniel and I first started getting fit, we were in the middle of planning our wedding, and taking time to workout was a great escape from the pressure of putting that together. And unlike using video games as an escape which was our MO before, no one could justifiably say "You were absolutely wasting your time doing XYZ instead of wedding related 123." And as work has become crazier and crazier, gym time has become more and more important because it really helps me find my equilibrium - most of the time. The endorphin high of a good workout works wonders in the short term, and knowing that I am in the best damn physical shape of my entire life works some magic between workouts.

I <3 Crossfit.

9:00 - 6oz black cofee
2:30 - cottage cheese with almonds & cinnamon, 10oz coffee w/3/4 cup milk
6:00 - 2oz spiced cashews
8:00 - Cheeseburger w/ sauteed onions & Mushrooms and avocado - no bun, 2 cups green salad, 16oz milk
9:30 - 1 multiv, 2 glucosamine, 4 omega-3

Yeah no real lunch, today (FAIL) - it was a CRAZY day at work. I was lucky to find time to scarf my cottage cheese down

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