Thursday, February 12, 2009 by Rebecca

Salsa + Cindy = pain

So tonight was 2 hours of salsa - just like last week - only this week, I did Cindy the day before, and by 1.5 hours in I was DRAGGING. I finished out the class, but by the time I left I almost felt like I was drunk just from tiredness. Also, It's too bad many of the men there feel the need to wear cologne. I might need to start showering when i get home so I don't have to keep smelling it all night.

I need better shoes. My feet are killing me from more sock issues - and I thought I had chosen well, but apparently not. Andmy legs are seriously protesting most kinds of movement (though that probably has more to do with Cindy's squats than bad dancing shoes). I am very glad tomorrow's class is presses.

I think maybe next week, if the Wednesday workout is a killer, I might only attend the last half of the beginner class instead of the whole thing. I'd rather be fresher for the intermediate class.

In other news, we tried our first Tuna steaks tonight ... with mostly good results. Fish is pretty much a totally new thing to me, too. So I am very little help in saying how it should be prepared.

The recipe's instructions to just sear it and leave it very rare inside weirded both of us out. Daniel made it through his - I had to have mine cooked a little more. But ultimately, we both feel they have promise :) I quite enjoyed the cooked parts.

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Jenn said...

With a good sushi-grade tuna, you won't need to cook it at all. ;)

I recommend a good piece of salmon, cooked on the grill. Asparagus makes a great side, along with a little brown rice if you're not avoiding carbs.

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