Saturday, January 24, 2009 by Rebecca

Something Cindy Style

Warmup: Run 800m, situps, pushups, squats, pullups, etc.

AMPAP* in 20 minutes

5 Push-Up
10 Sit-Up
15 Jump Squats

Results: 11 Rounds


This went ... relatively well. Except for the "sucking at jump squats" part. It took me about two rounds, and Max critiquing my lousy squat form, to realize that I am (currently) incapable of landing with my feet in the right position to re-squat after the jump, so once I quit trying and just reset my feet after every jump, my form and my ROM (though not my speed) improved greatly.

Both Daniel and Max complimented both my pushup form and my sit-up form. Which was really nice because it's definitely something I'm trying to be really conscious about. I

I also had a realization in the past couple days that I've really been 'half-assing' it for the past several weeks. Things have been super stressful at work, and with the holidays, etc. I've just kept giving myself permission to not put 100% into my workouts. I think this explains why I've been so uninspired to keep up with my blogging: simply maintaining doesn't make interesting reporting. Now, at least I am still working out, still going to class, etc, but it's a slippery slope. I won't make any significant progress just by showing up; I'll only manage to not lose most of what I've already gained.

And here is how awesome Daniel is, and how well he knows me: When I told him that I had come to this realization, and that I wanted to get more focused again, he said that he was glad to hear it because he'd noticed the "sand bagging", but as long as I was still going to class, etc. he hadn't wanted to bring it up with me because he was afraid that it might make me get all stubborn and more "sandbaggy" not less. And he's totally right. It probably would have.

In the same "more focused" vein, I've also decided to cut way back on my bread & starch consumption. I'm switching my standard 'take-to-work' breakfast from a piece of toast with almond butter and cinnamon to cottage cheese with almonds and cinnamon, and I'm skipping the toast with my eggs. I might go so far as to order hamburgers with no bun ... I haven't really decided that yet. Part of the reason is that - aside from all the stupid hidden sugar that lies in just about everything - I don't have any trouble steering clear of sugar, so no the Sugar Challenge really just isn't that challenging (from a craving point of view - from a compliance point of view it's damn near impossible :-P ); regardless, I really feel like I should try to give up something I really want to have in order for it to be a Challenge. But the bigger reason is that I am covetous of Daniel's phenomenal body comp - and the only real difference between what he eats and what I eat (since he prepares 90% of it) are the extra carbs. We'll see how it goes.

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Jenn said...

Welcome back! I'll look forward to more regular updates. ;)

Giving up the carbs would be tough for me, especially at breakfast. You'd have to pry my cereal spoon out of my cold dead hands. :p

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