Friday, January 16, 2009 by Daniel

I'm a frickin' idiot.

Friday - the day I've set aside to work on my 45 half-bodyweight thrusters. Today I was supposed to do 72 pounds - 5 pounds more than last week. This I performed diligently (or at least thought I did), and was quite pleased with how they went. Then I racked the barbell to take off the weights, and realized that I had put on 5# plates instead of 10#. D'oh!

So I did them again.

50 thrusters at 62#, sets of 10, bear rules
45 thrusters at 72#, sets of 10, bear rules
10b(f), 11a(f+), 11a(f), ML10b(f+)

Only 45 the second time, but it was enough. I'm really hoping the level of difficulty that set provided was due to the 50 thrusters that preceded it, or I'm screwed - I still have 15 pounds to go until my goal. Whoever assigned this task to level II was loco en la cabeza.

Naturally, the climbing afterward was pretty awful. I really don't know how I wound up tackling TWO 11a's, especially after falling off a 10b, but it just sort of worked out that way. The first was the slab 11a in the back that I did clean a few weeks ago - not today. The second was up by the door and would actually, I think, have been done clean if a critical handhold wasn't snapped off. Tor managed it by crimping hard on a foothold, but I just didn't have the pinch strength for that, so wound up having to climb around it until I could get back on the route. The last 10b was both tiring and just a lousy lead climb, and I did NOT perform it well.

No class tonight, as it was a crazy busy day (I didn't break my fast until 5pm), and I was plenty tired from the morning. Tomorrow we shall see if I can survive the snatches.

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