Thursday, January 8, 2009 by Daniel

5x5's: Back in Your Arms Again

It wasn't until today rolled around that I realized how much I've been missing 5x5's, and how much I was looking forward to doing them again. Now that the craziness of the holidays is over, Rebecca and I have resolved to begin the New Year with a return to the hybrid programming that helped us so much last year. At least once a week - Thursdays - we'll do a 5x5 routine. Possibly Sundays as well - we haven't decided yet. We really like going to class, but it isn't really feasible to do max effort deadlifts and squats in the same day, and the program feels deficient without doing both movements.

At any rate, for Thursdays at least, I'm thinking of mixing things up a little. I will anchor the day with a 5x5 back squat in linear progression. I will support this with a second movement that will let me mix up form and technique practice with some weight, but won't always be the same least until I find something I really want to focus on. For now, there are just so many things that need work. The list of options are: Clean, Jerk, Snatch, KB Snatch, Ring Dip, Weighted Pullup, Bench Press, Shoulder Press...and on and on.

So today:

Back Squat, x 5: 150-150-150-150-150
Hang Clean x 5: 75-75
Hang Clean & Jerk x 5: 75-75-75

The back squats felt pretty frickin' hard, but I know that I can do at least 175x3, so I'm hoping that it's just a matter of getting back into the movement and hopefully next week will be smoother. I think my form is better on these than it has been in the past, and (slowly, oh so slowly) my chest is staying more upright as I get to the bottom. Obviously, this deteriorates as I get tired.

I was really happy with my Clean & Jerk practice. Well, at least I was happy with the Cleans. Finally, after all these months, I'm starting to be able to receive the clean in a full squat, rather than only power cleans. I even did a couple sets of full cleans, and after some problems with never coming to full extension with my hips I was able to do something that didn't feel completely freakish. I really wish we'd brought our camera, so I could review it and post it for feedback. Next time.


Melissa Byers said...

For some reason, I find doing sets of 5 versus sets of 3 disproportionately harder. My trainer says it's because I haven't built muscular endurance yet - I get to the fourth rep and things start to fall apart. I think it's great that you're adding these in once a week - I'm doing the same, of course, based on Max's program. And yes - post some video, or pictures, or something! I love spying on CrossFit friends via their workout clips.

Jenn said...

I'm doing the 5x5 as well, and just yesterday was I able to complete 3 full sets of 5 at my 80%1RM. I think your muscular endurance will come quickly.

Nice job getting the full squat cleans, and definitely post video!

BTW, Rebecca says you're going to be a fantastic trainer. :)

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