Wednesday, December 17, 2008 by Daniel

Good News and Bad News

Bad News:
I got another flat fucking tire on my way down to the gym today. That makes, like, 6 times in as many months, and the second time this week. It's very annoying. I'm going to take the bike in to Mike's Bikes tomorrow and ask them to take a look at it, maybe they can figure out what's going on.

Bad News:
I did not finish the WOD, due to ripped-up hands.

For Time:
3 Rounds
50 Double-Unders
21 Kettlebell Swing, 2 Pood
30 Pull-Ups

DNF. I made it through the 3rd round of DU's.

Between Murph and the 250 KB Snatches last week, my hands are pretty torn up. They've been starting to heal, but today ripped new holes INSIDE my old holes, so I've got like four layers of skin going on. It's pretty gross. Rebecca's got a pumice stone in the shower and tells me I need to use it file down the callouses so they don't rip off, so I'm going to try and get better about that. That said, I still feel pretty good about tonight's work-out, because...

Good News:
My Double-unders are getting close. I was able to consistently maintain the skip-doubleunder pattern for as long as 17 DU's, and was getting better and better. I feel that consecutive DU's can't be far away. It's definitely a matter of efficiency-of-movement, though: those suckers are TIRING! Max got this great shot of both of us tonight:

Aside from the fact that Rebecca looks awesome with that 1-pood floating over her head, you can see how high I'm jumping, and how far away from my sides my hands are getting. Definitely need to work on my efficiency with these.

Also Good News:
My kips are back! I was able to knock out 10 consecutive pullups on the bar tonight, and they felt quite natural. My form degraded as I got tired, of course, and I know 10 is no great shakes, but after the past several weeks of frustration, I'm happy just to see them back.

And, finally, Bad News:
We went to Sports Basement in the city tonight for the party portion of CFSF's holiday WOD-and-party, where they were offering Crossfitters 20% off everything in the store. While the party seemed nice, we didn't really know anyone, so didn't hang around for long. I had hoped to pick up a kettlebell or two, and maybe some rings, for my mom for Christmas, but was disappointed. Their bells were in pounds, sheathed in pastel vinyl colors, and came no heavier than 30 pounds. Expensive, too. No rings, either. The store is fantastic otherwise, and we ogled many great things, but after the 50+% discounts at Steep and Cheap (where we've been spending a LOT lately), 20% seemed rather piddling. So a lot of traffic and fuss, with little to show for it. We would like to go back to CFSF though, sometime. They seem like cool folks, and their location (while annoyingly hard to get to) can't be beat.


Maximus Lewin said...

While your D-U looks really cool, it is clear you are wasting a ton of energy.

Melissa Byers said...

I have so much to say today!

1. Daniel - I was where you are with respect to your DUs... able to string together lots of single-DU-singles. Your assignment, right now, no more waiting... start working straight DUs. You're ready, and they won't come unless you just decide that's the ONLY way you're going to work them from now on. Dedicate one 20 minute period to figuring it out, and I promise the timing will CLICK. And then the efficiency will come, because it will HAVE TO. I'm taking off your training wheels. Make me proud.

2. Rebecca, gorgeous KB swing.

3. Just Say No to crappy kettlebells. I can get you a quote from York if you're interested, but of course, the shipping is a beeyotch.

4. Finally, I love that workout and will probably give it a go, but with fewer pull-ups. Otherwise that thing will take me 30 minutes, as I now seem to have misplaced MY kip.

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