Wednesday, December 3, 2008 by Rebecca

Front squats - hit & miss

Warm up: run 800m - my run actually felt pretty good. I never really pushed it very hard, but I was not particularly winded when I was done.

WOD & Comments:

It really does seem that my front squats are REALLY hit or miss. There seems to be a mental component, and there is likely some sort of form issue hiding in there, too. The last time I did squats I did 65 x 5. It was REALLY hard, but I managed to get through most rounds, so I though that I'd at least be able to do 70 or 75 as a 1 RM. Nope. Not even close. I barely eked out 1 rep of 65.

I wasn't keeping count of my reps ... but it went something like


I probably should have just gone back down to 65.

I was using the 15# bar with 15# bumpers - which seems a lot bigger - since the 15# bumpers appear to be the same size as 45# plates. I really don't know whether that had anything to do with it. It's possible it was being outside in the dark without a proper rack or a mirror, or being distracted by the other folks, but whatever it was, except for that 1 rep of 65# that actually went up relatively easily (for some mystical unknown reason) - EVERYTHING felt hard. Even just the 45# bar felt hard. Which is not typical. Usually I find that I do better with the lifts in the crossfit group. Although this time there were only two of us on the 'light' bar, and there wasn't much of a chearleading section.

Maybe if Tom is in the gym tomorrow when we go climbing, I'll ask him if he has time to look at my form quickly and see if he can see anything I'm doing wrong.


Evelyn Rodas said...

Yeay, typically you shouldn't add weight after a fail. With that said, it's demonstrative of tenacity that you probably had but have likely furhter developed through CF. This is a good thing, Kool Aid girl :)

Matt Bahen said...

FS are a goat of mine as well. I think I could benefit from doing what Daniel did (in his above post) and working on the technique of the FS.

I say enjoy the "look" of those bumper plates and don't be afraid Kool Aid Girl...which makes me LMAO btw!!

Jenn said...

I like that you didn't give up after your first fail, Rebecca - keep plugging away.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for your comments guys, I probably should have gone back down to 65, I just thought I was going to be able to get it. I kept doing stupid stuff like going down too far so my hamstrings disengaged, and there's just no recovering from that. I thought that if i could just get the form right, it'd go up - but either I never found the form, or i really just couldn't get it to go up.

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