Thursday, December 25, 2008 by Daniel

Christmas 5k

Merry Christmas!

After breakfast and loot (new camera and jumpropes!), we decided to get outside and explore the beautiful day with a run. I got a little lost, but when I got back I put in my route on and, lo and behold, it was a little over 5k.

5.17k, 28:37

OK, I'm a bit confused. This was a LITTLE bit longer than the 5k trail run we did at Thanksgiving, and a HELLUVA lot less hilly, but it took more than 3 minutes longer? Disappointing. I can think of a couple reasons, though.
  • That trail was a LOT of fun, and so prompted me to run harder.
  • More than half of this run was on large, loose gravel, which I found uncomfortable to run on, and probably slowed me down. The rest was on asphalt. The other trail was on beautiful, soft dirt.
  • Breakfast.
  • I got lost a couple times and took a couple wrong turns that forced me to either walk or double-back to find the trail.
  • I spent a lot of time today practicing POSE, and not just zoning out and running.

So, not as good as I could have wished, but I'm glad we did something other than eat candy and pie and watch TV all day. We finished up with some double-under practice with our snazzy new super-ropes. I got two consecutive!


Melissa Byers said...

Yay, Super Ropes! Merry Christmas, guys. Have fun with Jen at Potomac CrossFit!

Evelyn Rodas said...

Your xmas sounds wonderful; lots of love, new toys and lovely surroundings. Yeay! You ran two and a half miles (+/-) in 28 minutes? I have seen you run, Daniel; you're FAST! That was one mother of a trail. I agree with your analysis 100%. The looseness of soft dirt and gravel (plus not flat surfaces) adds a lot of difficulty. Remember how hard it is to run on sand (assuming you've done that at some point in your life). Not to mention, trying to pay attention to form is a lot of work and a ton of stuff to keep in mind. No comment on getting lost. I am the queen of lost.

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