Friday, November 21, 2008 by Rebecca

Death by Sit-up

Warmup: Burgener Warmup, 50 (consecutive!) single jumps, lots of attempts at other kinds of jump rope movements.

With a continuously running clock do one Double-Under the first minute, two Double-Unders the second minute, three Double-Unders the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.

24 rounds + 22 Sit-ups. (total: 322 reps!!)

Yeah - the WOD was double-unders. I can't do double-unders. At all. And not only that, but we were working out in the yoga room where you can't wear shoes - and failing - repeatedly - at double-unders in cold, bare feet SUCKS. I just don't have that kind of pain tolerance. Max suggested sit-ups as an alternate. I happily accepted. I can DO situps. Apparently I can do a LOT of situps!! 322 of them in 25 minutes.

I'm extremely impressed with my performance. There were two other folks doing situps instead of double unders - and I don't think either one of them made it past round 20. I was going really strong until about round 22 - getting them all done in 30-40 seconds), and then muscular failure started to set in. Rounds 23 and 24 finished pretty close to the wire, and I just didn't have any gas left in round 25, though i ALMOST made it.

I was having a pretty crappy day, and I had been kinda dreading going to a workout where I was going to spend an hour trying and most likely failing at double unders. It was great to be able to sub in something I actually could do, work my ass off getting it done, and feel good about my performance afterward. It did wonders for my mood.

The was one rock star classmate who went for like 34 rounds of the double-unders - he's got them DOWN - no double single double for him - just lots and lots of 100% consecutive double-unders.

While he was still jumping away, Daniel and I did some work on handstand holds. They have started to feel a little less scary. But there's a huge amount of work yet to be done on them.

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Jenn said...

Whoa, that's a bunch of situps! Plus 25 minutes is a long time to do situps. I think I would have chosen that too - I can't do even one DU.

See, handstands are already less scary. You'll be doing them without help before too long!

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