Wednesday, November 19, 2008 by Daniel

Death by Kettlebell

So this week is "back to basics" week, with Max focusing on a different fundamental movement each day and combining them into some truly horrible thing on the weekend. Today: the kettlebell swing.

With a continuously running clock do one 1.5P/1.0P kettlebell swing the first minute, two 1.5P/1.0P kettlebell swings the second minute, three 1.5P/1.0P kettlebell swings the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.

17 + 5 rounds, RX (158 swings)

The quick summary of this workout goes like this: "Easy...easy...easy...HARD."

I was doing just fine until round 15, and then I started to fall apart. You don't have much time to take a break mid-round, and if you do then you're killing your chances for the next round, so once you have to put the kettlebell down mid-round, you're in deep shit.

It's a shame I didn't make it to 18, but I seriously had nothing left. My grip was failing and my hands were sweating, so I was starting to fear letting go of the bell (bad, obviously). My form was also falling apart, and I think in my tiredness I was overcompensating with my arms rather than continuing to rely on my hips. Things to keep in mind.

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Melissa Byers said...

I AM GOING TO DO THIS TOMORROW. I'm like a kid at Christmas, this is so exciting. It'll be my Cash Out. I love it. And 17 rounds is fantastic. That's an awful lot of swings!

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