Friday, November 7, 2008 by Rebecca

5 x wtf

Wow - this was the suckiest workout I've had in a while. There was just nothin there.

Warmup: row 500m 2:07 (PR),

Front sqauts:

We didn't have time to do bench press - probably just as well.

Part of the problem was that I did not eat as well as I should have during the day. And part of the problem was that I was still pretty sore from the Electoral Math workout - particularly my jumping pullup muscles which happen to be pretty much the same as my squatting muscles, apparently. Part of it was also being at an emotional low-ebb from a long and stressful week. And maybe I needed a better/different warmup. But whatever the cause, I new i was in trouble when i has to struggle through the last 1-2 reps of my 'warmup' sets.

But - so what. Bad days happen. I know it isn't really a bearing on where I am in the big picture. A new rowing PR was nice.

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